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A Brief Explanation About the Contact Lens
over 1 year ago


The term contact lens is used to refer to a special type of a thin lens that is usually placed directly on the eye surface. In most of the cases, the contact lens is used for medical purposes. in this case, the contact lens will be used for the reasons such as correcting the vision of a person. However, the contact lens may also be used for other reasons such as therapeutic reasons or the cosmetic reasons. The need to use the contact lens has continued to grow.


Usually, this has been accelerated by the increased number conditions which are related to the eyes. Some of these eye conditions which necessitate the need to use the contact lens are the astigmatism, the hyperopia and the myopia. Apart from the increased number of eye related conditions, there exist other drivers which have led to the increased use of the contact lens. Some of these drivers may be the need to show statements which are related to fashion and also the advancement in the usage of the technology. Read more about contact lenses here: lenspure.com.


There are different types of contact lens which are in use today. In this context, each type of a contact lens is usually meant for a particular reason and purpose. Mostly, the contact lens will be classified according to the main function they are mean to perform. On the other hand, they are classified according to the material, the wear, the schedule or the period in which they lens will be worn. The replacement schedule may also be used to classify the contact lens. The different classification of the contact lens may be the corrective contact lens, the multifocal contact lens and the monovision contact lens.


The corrective contact lens is usually made and meant for the purpose of correcting the vision. Commonly, the corrective contact lens is used to correct the refractive error of the eye. In this case, the contact lens will be used to focus the light directly so that it will enter the eye with the right power and hence making the eye to have a clear vision. The multifocal lens on the other hand are made for viewing constantly through the center of the lens. There are multifocal lenses which are designed so that they can incorporate the lens shift in position so it can increase the reading power of a person. The monovision contact lens may involve the use of the single focus lens for the purpose of focusing one eye. This is especially when one eye is dominant.

Click here for more details about contact lenses: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Contact_lens.

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